Creating Unrivalled True Copies in the Presence of the Originals

The level of precision and accuracy applied throughout the making process sets our true copies apart. Rather than referring only to photographs and measurements, our makers have the original instruments to hand. This allows an unrivalled degree of study, and results in a copy which closely matches the original in appearance, character and sound.

Standing Confidently Alongside Old Italian Instruments

Instruments made by the Old Italian Masters are some of the most sought-after in the world. Florian has spent years studying these instruments, and has perfected the craft of new making to the point that distinguished soloists have commented on how much Florian’s violins sound and feel like the originals to play.

The Search for the Perfect Wood

The selection of materials is a rigorous process. We travel far and wide in search of the perfect wood; not only must it have certain aesthetic properties, but also the optimal qualities in terms of density, weight, strength and flexibility. Decades of experience guides us in making the crucial decision when it comes to choosing the right wood.

The True Copy Process at Florian Leonhard Fine Violins

Decades of experience in violin expertise, making and restoration have informed our new making and this is likewise a discipline in which we are absolutely uncompromising. Though not designed to deceive (clearly marked internally as copy instruments), our true copy violins are regularly mistaken for the originals by both musicians and experts! However, our highest accolade is that distinguished soloists have commented how much these violins sound and feel like the originals to play, and this reflects the care and attention to detail that goes into our new making.

Casting the Instruments

We take intricate plaster and silicone casts while taking the utmost care to protect the original instrument.

Accurate Templates

With these casts, full plaster replicas of the exact outline and arching of the instrument are made to be used as templates, avoiding any risk of accidental damage to the valuable violin we are copying.

Cross-Reference for Accuracy

At every stage, cross-reference is made, both to these casts and to the original instrument, ensuring an ultimately precise copy.

Services We Provide


Our restoration practices are of the very highest quality, precision and craftsmanship, balancing forward thinking with tradition and conservation.

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Bow Rehairing

Using the highest quality horse hair and materials, our bow specialist Lauri can give your beloved bow a new lease of life.

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