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Cremonese Violins

The finest golden-age Cremonese violins are globally recognised for their unmatched craftsmanship and unparalleled quality, captivating musicians, and collectors alike.

Renowned for a rich tonal palette and exceptional projection, classic Cremonese violins have become synonymous with excellence in the world of fine instruments. These rare and sought-after violins, crafted by esteemed luthiers from the Italian city of Cremona, continue to inspire and uphold a high value to musicians worldwide.

Cremona’s Rich History of Violin Lutherie and Craftsmanship

The heritage of fine violin making lies in Cremona, with its golden era spanning from the late 16th to the early 18th century. Many of the world’s most renowned luthiers hail from Cremona and set unsurpassed standards of excellence in violin artisanry.

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Antonio Stradivari

The most famous luthier from Cremona, produced remarkable violins celebrated for their extraordinary tonal quality and masterful attention to detail.


Guarneri del Gesù

An equally esteemed Cremonese master luthier, crafted violins renowned for their rich, dark tone and striking visual aesthetics.


The Amati family

Prominent in Cremonese violin making, significantly influenced subsequent generations of luthiers and laid the foundation for the city’s violin-making legacy.

Cremonese Violin True Copies

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Investing in a Cremonese Violin

Fine violins from golden-era Cremona are rare and highly sought after. For that reason, investing in such Cremonese instruments involves meticulous research, connecting with reputable dealers, consulting with a leading expert to assess the instrument’s condition and capabilities.

When purchasing any fine instrument, ensuring the piece you invest in is properly authenticated and has the correct certification is vital. Our decades of experience in authentication have built us an internationally trusted reputation. We have had the privilege of authenticating some of the world’s finest string instruments and have an extensive, intricate knowledge of historical makers’ works. Learn more about our authentication services here.

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