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Florian Leonhard 

Violin makers, restorers, dealers, experts & consultants

Dealer, restorer, maker

Florian’s expertise and dedication to perfection have ingrained his reputation as a prominent maker of modern violins, a dealer of the finest instruments and an exceptional restorer. His unique combination of skills allows him to offer a wide range of high-quality and bespoke services to his clients.

Trained at Mittenwald

At just 19, Florian began his luthier training at Mittenwald; a school known for preserving the art and tradition of violin making. He took seven semesters of intense study to form the foundations of his career as a luthier.

Head restorer at W. E. Hill & Sons

Known for their specialist knowledge in stringed instruments and bows and their uncompromising workmanship, Florian began working for the world-famous violin dealers, W. E. Hill & Sons, where he held the position of head restorer.

40 years experience in the industry

Now, Florian has over 40 years of experience in the industry. His eye for detail, photographic memory and passion for stringed instruments have made him a true industry expert.

Obsessed with the Finest of Details

Florian’s strengths come from his meticulous attention to detail, scrutinising every element in order to achieve perfection.

Fastidious Investigation

Florian finds great satisfaction in the instinctive and methodical process of authenticating fine instruments. Often referred to as the Sherlock Holmes of authentication, he analyses every instrument to identify the characteristics of a well-known maker. As well as applying his photographic memory, Florian uses academic books and new technology to solve the mystery of unknown instruments and identify the town, year and maker.

The Florian Legacy

Florian is passionate about supporting the world of classical music. As well as aiding the careers of young and talented musicians by loaning them the highest quality instruments, he still finds time to teach and create in the workshop. His love and knowledge of instruments motivate him to match-make soloists with their perfect instruments.