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Florian Leonhard Fine Violins has a calendar full of exciting events coming up in the U.S during July. Our team will be at the Cooper International Competition at Oberlin-Cleveland, the Aspen Music Festival and Heifetz International Music Festival.

As always, our team will be taking some very rare and special instruments with them on their travels, amongst them being:

  • Antonio Stradivari, Cremona 1724, “Abergavenny”, ex “Kavakos”
  • Antonio Stradivari, Cremona 1731, “Kreutzer”
  • Antonio Stradivari, Cremona 1695, “Salomon”
  • Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesu, Cremona 1735, “David”, ex “Midori”
  • Carlo Bergonzi, Cremona c1735
  • Lorenzo Storioni, Cremona 1785
  • Nicolo Gagliano, Naples 1762
  • Florian Leonhard copy of Antonio Stradivari, 1719, ex. “Wieniewski”, twin of the violin
  • An assortment of bows, including examples by Peccatte, Voirin, Fetique, Sartory, Lamy, Hill, Tubbs, etc.

Coco Mi, winner of the Washington Heights Chamber Orchestra, sponsored by Florian Leonhard Fine Violins, pictured here with the ex “David”, ex “Midori” Guarneri del Gesu.

Where to find us

The Cooper International Competition: 19th – 22nd July
We are excited to exhibit the instruments listed above at the invitation of Gregory Fulkerson, head of the jury and former professor of our New York Managing Director, Jonathan Solars. The exhibition will be taking place on Thursday 4:30-6:45 and Friday 11-4 in the Warner Concert Hall. In addition, we will be supporting two exceptional young artists at this prestigious competition in Cleveland, Coco Mi and Alexandra Woroniecka. Coco will be performing on a violin by Lorenzo Storioni and Alexandra will be performing on a Nicolo Gagliano, both fine examples from the Florian Leonhard collection. Both players have won various competitions in the past, and we are very much looking forward to seeing them perform and wish them the best of luck!

The Aspen Music Festival: 22nd – 25th July
As well as sharing the instruments listed above, we are looking forward to attending some wonderful performances. We are especially looking forward to hearing our friend and client, Daniel Hope, at the Aspen Music Festival. Daniel performs on the ex “Lipinski” Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù, which he found with the help of Florian Leonhard. The Aspen Music Festival is regarded as one of the top classical music festivals in the United States, so we are very excited about meeting some of America’s most important musicians and professors.

Heifetz International Music Festival: 27th July
The Heifetz International Music Festival is certainly another example of a top music festival in the U.S, so we are excited to once again be invited to visit and share a selection of instruments. This year, we will be sharing up to a dozen total violins and bows, including the “Abergavenny”, ex. Kavakos Stradivarius, a Carlo Bergonzi, and further examples of fine Italian and French making in addition to our own. Last year, we were privileged to have shared the ex. “Willemotte” Stradivari with the Heifetz Festival participants, which, courtesy of Florian Leonhard, is now the concert instrument of Leonidas Kavakos.

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