Florian Leonhard

London Shop

Florian Leonhard has dedicated his life to studying, restoring and making violins. After Mittenwald he worked for W.E. Hill and Sons becoming Head Restorer. Today he leads his own team of restorers. Informed by 30 years of research, Florian’s bench copy instruments are sought after for their acoustic and visual closeness to the originals. A regular contributor to books and articles and having published his book, The Makers of Central Italy, Florian is currently conducting research on the Tuscan makers for a book due to be published this year. Florian is regularly called upon as a jury member for violin competitions, and has held the position of President at the Pisogne Making Competition in Cremona. Florian Leonhard Fine Violins is widely considered both the leading dealership and restoration workshop in the world.

Thomas Wei

Head of Sales
London Shop

Tom actively engages with musicians to find them the very best instrument. For 15 years, he has worked closely with Florian and our restorers and makers to ensure that a bespoke service is supplied to every client who visits. Prior to this role, he pursued his studies in violin performance in Taiwan, moving to London in the early 90’s where he studied at the Purcell school and then the Royal Academy of Music. This background has proved invaluable, and affords him an understanding and passion to help fulfil the particular needs of the musician looking to get the very best from their long hours of practice. When he’s not working with musicians and instruments, Tom spends much of his spare time on the river with the Lea Rowing club in Hackney.

Ji-Yong Lee

Head of Workshop & Director of Korean Business
London Shop

Ji Yong leads an international team in our London workshop, one of the world's few large-scale restoration workshops. Ji Yong trained at Mittenwald School of Violin Making. Having worked with Florian since 2004, Ji Yong has developed a superb expertise for restoration, constantly working with the finest instruments in existence. Every member of the team is trained to Florian and Ji Yong's exacting standards, applying techniques finessed over centuries to preserve and restore instruments in the most conservative manner. Our restoration practices are of the very highest quality, precision and craftsmanship, balancing forward thinking with tradition and conservation.

Joe Stupple

Head of Business Development
London Shop

Joe has worked for FLFV since 2009, after studying Music at Manchester. His first project was to coordinate the publishing of The Makers of Central Italy. After representing the company on one trip to New York, Joe continued to develop business across the pond, resulting in the opening of our New York shop in 2014 and having since conducted a number of notable sales in the States and back at home. In his spare time, Joe likes going to concerts and playing squash.

Jonathan Solars

Managing Director
NYC Shop

Jonathan runs our New York shop. Having studied the violin from an early age, Jonathan attended Oberlin Conservatory of Music, where he studied violin, baroque violin, and viola, and achieved a degree in Violin Performance. His tenure as Sales Manager for René A Morel provided the perfect education in the violin world. When Morel’s business closed in 2008, Jonathan formed his own consultancy, advising players, collectors, investors, and institutions, and completing numerous sales of top instruments in his own right. The opening of our New York shop in 2015 was a continuation of years already spent working together across the pond, and it is Jonathan's aim to proliferate the reach of Florian's expertise and to continue our track record of excellence working with musicians in the USA.

Arielle Masliah

Office Manager
London Shop

Arielle joined Florian Leonhard Fine Violins in 2014 as the Project Coordinator and since then, her role has grown to London Office Manager. She moved from Paris to study at University College London and progressed to working in the City as a data analyst. She was delighted with the opportunity for something completely different at FLFV, and her multi-lingual skills and background has served her well in the esoteric world of fine instruments. She organises Florian’s Far East marketing, participation in international competitions, business development, and assist him with all the instruments’ certification. She is currently coordinating the forthcoming publication on The Makers of Tuscany. Whilst not a musician herself, she has been inspired by her experience of the classical music industry to take up playing the piano.

Lauri Tanner

Bow Maker & Restorer
London Shop

Lauri made his first musical instrument when he was 15 years old. He first studied to be a guitar maker, and worked as a guitar maker in Helsinki for five years. Developing interest in the restoration of historical instruments, he decided to take up studying violin making at Newark School of Violin Making, graduating in 2013. During his studies, Lauri turned his attention to bows, attending the BVMA course and VSA Oberlin summer courses, before starting at Florian Leonhard Fine Violins in 2015. Lauri has a great interest in the working methods of old violins and bow makers, and enjoys reading historical woodworking publications. Lauri also lends his services as a bow restorer to the Royal Academy of Music two days a month.

Melina Polizzi

Head of New Making
London Shop

Melina was born in Venice, and grew up in Germany and Austria. She has always been interested in fine arts and crafts, which inspired her to move back to Italy. Melina completed her degree as a luthier at I.I.S Antonio Stradivari, Cremona, in 2011. Following her studies, Melina worked as an Assistant at Gregg Alf’s workshop in Venice and the U.S.A., before coming to work at Florian Leonhard Fine Violins in 2016 as a New Maker.

Adam Pelzer

Workshop Manager
NYC Shop

Adam studied violin making at Mittenwald, and underwent further training as a restorer at Hans Weisshaar in Los Angeles, California. He joined the team at Florian Leonhard Fine Violins in 2014, where he works on restorations, and is passionate about improving the sound of clients’ instruments by adjusting them together. Adam also works closely with the New York shop, flying out there on a regular basis to carry out the same work for our American clients. Outside of work, Adam enjoys playing the viola with the Fulham Symphony Orchestra.

Julian Döring

London Shop

Julian began playing the violin at the age of seven and studied violin making at Mittenwald School of Violin Making. After his studies, Julian worked in Nurenburg where he got to know many different aspects of violin making restoration, and joined the team at Florian Leonhard Fine Violins in 2016. In his spare time, Julian enjoys hiking and playing the guitar.

Mr Reginald

Mr Reginald is a small but notable member of the team. He is a natural at meeting clients and making them feel at ease. However, notwithstanding close scrutiny from his line manager, Arielle, he is frequently caught sleeping on the job.