“The uncompromising quality in every aspect of violin making made me passionate about the work of the Florian Leonhard Fine Violins workshop.

It is this uncompromising knowledge, sensitivity and love for beautiful tone that made me decide to purchase my instrument, a Stradivari copy, from this outstanding workshop. After each performance I make, solo, recital or chamber music, the audiences ask me: ‘Are you playing on an Italian instrument?’ They are completely astonished when they learn that it is a modern instrument with an Old Italian sound!”

Professor Leonid Kerbel

Brussels Conservatory (Belgium) and Royal College of music (London)

“The violin you kindly sold me, made by you and your expert craftsmen in your workshop just gets better every day. The sound is golden and it carries to the back of huge concert halls. It is my pride and joy and admired by professionals and students around the world, it is a remarkable instrument and looks absolutely beautiful.

Thank you for making such fine instruments and giving such pleasure to all musicians.”

Professor Tomotada Soh

Royal Academy of Music (London)

“I was originally loaned my instrument, a copy of the 1692 ex-Falmouth long pattern Strad, back in 2012 for a competition but I fell in love with it immediately and had to have it. Mind you, it took me a whole year to persuade Florian to sell it to me as it is such an exceptional copy he didn’t want to let go of it! It has a most beautiful warm sound to it but is also incredibly deep and rich too. And the instrument looks like the real deal, it’s so beautiful. Having held it and played it alongside real Strads of that era there is hardly any difference. People are always asking me what my instrument is, and they never believe me when I tell them!”

Katerina Nazarova


“I play a “Kreutzer” Stradivari copy made by Florian Leonhard. When I got the violin in 2010, it was one of the first copies of antique violins to come out from the workshop. I am so lucky to have it! It has a very warm and powerful sound, which you rarely find in modern violins. Very often after playing a concert on it, when people ask about my instrument, nobody believes this is a modern instrument. Florian’s more recent violins look even more beautiful and antique, but I am very happy with mine and I will continue to enjoy playing on it!”

Fedor Rudin

Concertmaster of the Vienna State Opera Orchestra / Vienna Philharmonic, Soloist and Competition Winner

“I am absolutely in love with this violin. It is so pleasant and easy to play on! It immediately responds to the smallest nuances in sound or color… the violin has very projective big warm sound with a lot of depth. It feels, looks and, most importantly, sounds like an old instrument. Thank you, dear Florian!”

Vadim Tsibulevsky

1st Concertmaster of the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra (Amsterdam), Soloist and Chamber Musician