Master Maker

After branching out in 1855, Postiglione became one of the finest Neapolitan makers during the second half of the 19th century, considered a master in his craft.

The Gagliano family’s reign was almost over in 1850, when their monopoly as the dominant makers in Naples was coming to an end. It was Postiglione who took the lead, setting a new standard of making for future luthiers.

Postiglione’s instruments remain highly regarded to this day for their beauty, workmanship and tone.

Neapolitan character with Gagliano influences

Today, the Vincenzo Postiglione violin maintains its esteemed status for its quality varnish and brilliant craftsmanship.

Vincenzo retained his distinctive and unique style throughout his time as a maker, although subtle hints of Guadagnini and Gagliano are visible in his instruments.

Postiglione had an undeniable making technique. His instruments remain exceedingly popular with musicians of today due to their outstanding quality and superb sound.

Instruments Made by This Maker

A Cello by Vincenzo Postiglione

Naples, 1893

An excellent example by the leader of violin making in Naples at the end of the 19th centu...

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