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A Violin by Tomaso Balestrieri

Mantua, c1760

This highly characteristic violin by the great Mantuan maker is a ‘powerhouse’ example...

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A Violin by Pietro Antonio Dalla Costa

Treviso, c1760

A strong follower of the Brothers Amati, Dalla Costa is a great name amongst the makers of...

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A Violin by Gennaro Gagliano

Naples, c.1740

An unusually fine, bold example of one of the most important South Italian makers. Its arc...

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A Violin by Carlo Giuseppe Oddone

Turin, 1929

A delightfully typical and clean example of this important early twentieth century makers ...

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A Violin by Carlo Ferdinando Landolphi

Milan, 1759

This violin displays a rich orange varnish with fine craquelure, elegant arching; the mode...

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A Cello by Vincenzo Postiglione

Naples, 1893

An excellent example by the leader of violin making in Naples at the end of the 19th centu...

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A Cello by Giuseppe Pedrazzini

Milan, 1906

A pupil of the great Romeo Antoniazzi, Pedrazzini has gained strong recognition and a devo...

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