“FLFV have been incredibly supportive of me over the years I have got to know them. They were so dedicated in matching me with a sponsor for the beautiful Amati cello I’ve had the joy of playing since 2016. I’ve also been incredibly lucky to play on a Marie bow, which again the use of was facilitated by them. Their expertise, and also the commitment to supporting young artists like me, is amazing.”

Sheku Kanneh-Mason MBE

Cellist and Ambassador

“A violin expert should respect the instruments, and honour both the makers for whom the instrument is the essence of their art, and the musicians who use them as an expression of their soul. He also has to have the eye and instinct to guide and advise. Florian Leonhard is one of very few in the world who fulfils this profile.”

Leonidas Kavakos

Internationally acclaimed Violinist and Conductor

“As a soloist whose demanding schedule requires me to travel every second day to dierent parts of the globe, I need an instrument which is highly reliable in spite of humidity and temperature change. Thanks to Florian’s restoration and fine-tuning, my Stradivari now has a more developed and focused bass, and it is more responsive and powerful, allowing me to achieve the optimum sound.”

Maxim Vengerov

Internationally acclaimed Violinist and Conductor

“Florian Leonhard Fine Violins offered superb selection, service and integrity throughout the process of choosing my instrument. In the complex and unusual world of fine violins, it can often be daunting for a performer in search of the ideal instrument. Florian not only found my Del Gesù for me, but facilitated the process of acquisition greatly.”

Daniel Hope

International soloist and Broadcaster

“For me a violin becomes a fine violin when it projects a sound full of character and colour, has its own personality, but allows the player’s style to emerge properly, and of
course it must be adjusted in such a way that it can provide those characteristics in the long term.

Florian Leonhard has the rare ability to understand the needs of the musician and the instrument equally, and to serve both to achieve the perfect match.”

Guy Braunstein

Ex-Concertmaster, Berlin Philharmonic

“Florian’s legendary, discerning eye and intuitive feel for the unique capabilities of each individual instrument are complemented by his consummate knowledge of the craft of the luthier. These skills, honed over decades, give him an unrivalled insight into the correlations between vibrating wood and tonal quality. Even more importantly, Florian understands that a violin only reveals its special magic when it is partnered with the right musician. For me personally, Florian has shown a matchless commitment to discovering and fostering this unique bond between instrument and performer.”

Hugo Ticciati

Violinist, Leader and Conductor

The staff at the London Store of Florian Leonhard Fine Violins were very kind and helpful! I had such a great time finding my bow from Victor Fetique (1925) with Florian Leonhard and Joe Stupple! I am extremely happy with the condition of the bow and can’t wait to explore more characters and colours with it!”

Ludwig Balser

LGT Young Soloist