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If you are interested in selling or valuing your instrument, please provide the following


Previous certificates, past valuation or appraisal information

If you already have previous certificates, past valuation or appraisal information for your instrument, please provide them to us upon submission.


Inner label text (& photos if possible)

If authentic, inner labels can provide a clear indication of an instruments value. To see whether your instrument has a label, you can look through the f-hole. If your instrument has an inner label, please provide us with details of the text, and if possible, a photograph.


Weight (bows only)

For bow valuations, please provide us with its weight so that we can provide an accurate estimate.


Precise measurements of the back of the instrument

Specific measurements are another indication of whether or not an instrument is by a certain maker. Please find details below of the measurements we need to evaluate your instrument.

Submitting your instrument for valuation

Step 1

Measure your instrument

Please take the measurements labelled on the diagram in millimetres.


Length of back (please note this is measured diagonally across the back)


Upper bout


Middle bout


Lower bout

Step 2

Photograph your instrument

Please make sure all photos are well lit (do not use flash), close up and in focus. The bold red circles in the pictures underneath show where your camera lens should be centred when taking pictures. Place in front of a neutral coloured background, and try to avoid any reflection off the instrument.

Photograph the front & back of instrument

The front and back of the instrument without chinrest (excluding neck and head)

Scroll of the instrument

The scroll of the instrument, taken from the side


Please provide clear pictures of the frog and the tip.

Examples of Photographs We Cannot Accept

Below are some tips on how to avoid sending us photographs that we cannot accept.

Minimise any distractions in your photographs

Please make sure to avoid taking a photograph of your instrument when it is out of focus or has reflection or glare issues.

Use a plain surface or background

When taking your photograph please make sure to choose a plain background.

Only photograph the instrument itself

Please remove the case of your instrument, as we only require detailed shots of the instrument itself.

Submit your instrument photographs

To submit your instrument photographs please fill out the form below:

Please Upload Your Photos

To submit photos successfully each photo should not exceed 4MB.

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