Internationally Recognised Authenticity

Florian Leonhard carries out detailed research and pays utmost attention to ensuring the accuracy of every certificate, drawing on over thirty years of experience and a profound academic understanding of fine instruments. A certificate of authenticity from Florian Leonhard Fine Violins adds value to an instrument. It is a firm investment for both vendor and customer.

Certification Process

During the certification process, Florian Leonhard carries out detailed research, drawing on over 30 years of experience and his profound academic understanding of fine instruments, to ensure the accuracy of every certificate. This meticulous process and extensive industry knowledge is what makes Florian Leonhard Fine Violins a world-class certification service.

Everything You Need For Insurance

Written certification is necessary to insure an instrument. Accurate proof of authentication and valuation can benefit both the client and insurer. We can provide everything you need to insure your instrument and can even direct you towards the most competitively priced insurance cover options.

Providing Excellence & Expertise

Florian Leonhard draws on his years of unrivalled knowledge and expertise to offer bespoke authentication, certification and valuation services that are recognised worldwide.


Our valuation service is rooted in the most accurate and current data collected from across the entire spectrum of violin markets.

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A certificate of authenticity from FLFV guarantees that the instrument is genuine, protects its value and prevents counterfeit activity in the market.

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