Stradivarius loaned to Syrian refugee Rami for Royal Albert Hall debut

Florian Leonhard Fine Violins is delighted to have secured the loan of the 1690 ‘Stephens’ Stradivarius to Syrian violinist Rami Basisah for his Royal Albert Hall debut.

It was great to meet Rami and present him with the violin at our workshop ahead of his performance at the world famous venue for Classic FM Live on 19th September. He will play two pieces on the instrument at Classic FM Live – the main theme from Schindler’s List and ‘Tara’s Theme’ from Gone With The Wind – together with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.

Rami fled Syria, travelling thousands of miles in search of safety with his violin on his back, but sadly lost the instrument during the last moments of his journey. His story became well known and Rami has now settled in Germany and released his debut album Rami: ‘My Journey’ with Decca in May.

We had followed Rami’s story and were really touched by it. When we saw on Classic FM’s social media that he needed a violin for Classic FM Live, we jumped at the chance to help and are delighted to have secured the 1690 ‘Stephens’ Stradivarius for him.

Florian Leonhard Fine Violins sales manager Thomas Wei presents the 1690 'Stephens' Stradivarius violin to Rami